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The operational definition of virtue is “the moral excellence and purity of spirit that radiate from my life as I obey God’s Word.”  A virtuous Christian receives God’s power to live in obedience to God and bravely confront evil.  In God’s strength, he can overcome temptation and pursue righteousness.  Because he loves God, the virtuous Christian seeks to be pure and clean in his words, thoughts, and deeds.  In this Family Bible Hour series, Pastor Kevin Hymer and the Regency church family look at four individuals in Scripture who demonstrated this aspect of being a virtuous person.

Lesson 1:  God Enables Me to Receive His Power (Judges 7:9-25)
From 4/28/24 Family Bible Hour


Lesson 2:  God Enables Me to Know What Is Right and Do It (II Chronicles 14:1-15:19)
From 5/5/24 Family Bible Hour

Note:  Due to a technical problem, Lesson 3 was not recorded.

Lesson 4:  God Enables Me to Maintain Purity in Relationships (I Kings 11:1-14)
From 5/19/24 Family Bible Hour