Pastor Kevin Hymer   -  

Biblical tolerance is extending grace to those who lack wisdom or maturity, realizing everyone is at different stages of personal growth.  The opposite of tolerance is showing prejudice towards another believer.  It is a failure to see people as God sees them.  In this Family Bible Hour series Pastor Kevin Hymer and the Regency church family discuss several examples of biblical tolerance, both positive and negative, and encourages the believers to manifest love and longsuffering towards those who are different within the body of Christ.

Lesson 1:  View People as God Does
From 3/10/24 Family Bible Hour


Lesson 2:  Respond With Grace
From 3/24/24 Family Bible Hour


Lesson 3:  Help Others to Grow in Character
From 4/7/24 Family Bible Hour


Lesson 4:  Do Not Confuse What is Right with What is Popular
From 4/14/24 Family Bible Hour