Route 66: A Road Trip Through the Bible
Pastor Kevin Hymer   -  

The Bible is God’s inspired, perfectly preserved Word given to man.  It stands alone as a book that is divine.  Each of its 66 books is unique and declares His message to us, ultimately pointing to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  In this series, Pastor Kevin Hymer reviews each of the books that make up our Bible, providing an overview of each one and the divisions that we see in Scripture.

Lesson 1:  An Introduction to the Bible (II Timothy 3:16)
From 7/24/22 Afternoon Service


Lesson 2:  Genesis – The Book of Beginnings
From 7/31/22 Afternoon Service


Lesson 3:  Exodus – The Book of Redemption
From 8/7/22 Afternoon Service


Lesson 4:  Leviticus – The Book of Atonement
From 8/14/22 Afternoon Service


Lesson 5:  Numbers – The Book of Wanderings
From 9/4/22 Afternoon Service


Lesson 6:  Deuteronomy – The Book of Obedience
From 9/11/22 Afternoon Service