Facing Goliath
John Berkstresser   -  

Goliath was not the only giant David faced.  A man of many roles – shepherd, warrior, servant, friend, leader, father, king – David experienced both victory and defeat, triumph and disaster.  And yet, perhaps the most telling summary of his life is God’s own one-line biography: “a man after Mine own heart.”

In this series taught by John Berkstresser, discover how you, too, can face your giants in the strength of the Lord.  The arena for courage does not always lie in a far-away battlefield.  Sometimes it stands in your own backyard.  Like David, dare to engage your everyday battles with confidence in the resources of God.


Lesson 1:  Dare to Answer God’s Call (I Samuel 16:1-13)
From 4/12/20 Sunday School


Lesson 2:  Dare to Take on Giants (I Samuel 17:45-51)
From 4/19/20 Sunday School


Lesson 3:  Dare to Serve the King (I Samuel 18:1-5)
From 4/26/20 Sunday School


Lesson 4:  Dare to Be a Leader (I Samuel 22:1-2; II Samuel 23:8-22)
From 5/3/20 Sunday School


Lesson 5:  Dare to Listen to Wise Counsel (I Samuel 25:1-33)
From 5/10/20 Sunday School


Lesson 6:  Dare to Be a Real Friend (I Samuel 18:1-4)
From 5/17/20 Sunday School


Lesson 7:  Dare to Forgive Your Enemies (I Samuel 24:6-15)
From 5/24/20 Sunday School


Lesson 8:  Dare to Stay Clean (II Samuel 11:1-5)
From 5/31/20 Sunday School


Lesson 9:  Dare to Accept Correction (II Samuel 12:1-7)
From 6/7/20 Sunday School


Lesson 10:  Dare to Raise Your Children for God (II Samuel 13:1-7)
From 6/14/20 Sunday School


Lesson 11: Dare to be Meek (II Samuel 15:1-6)
From 6/21/20 Sunday School


Lesson 12:  Dare to Show the Way for Others (I Chronicles 22:5-16)
From 6/28/20 Sunday School


Lesson 13:  Dare to Walk With God (Psalm 23:1-6)
From 7/5/20 Sunday School