Pastor Kevin Hymer   -  

God’s desire for believers is for them to have enthusiasm in their walk with Him.  Considering all that God has done for us in giving new life in Christ, blessings right now, and a future home in heaven, there is no reason a Christian should be less than enthusiastic when serving the Lord and living the Christian life.  In this series, Pastor Kevin Hymer and the Regency church family cover several biblical examples of people Scripture describes as being enthusiastic.

Lesson 1:  A Spirit Filled Reunion (Luke 1:35-56)
From 9/3/23 Family Bible Hour


Lesson 2:  The Shepherds Share a Reason to Rejoice (Luke 2:1-20)
From 9/10/23 Family Bible Hour


Lesson 3:  The Inspiring Zeal of King Hezekiah (II Chronicles 29:1-36)
From 9/17/23 Family Bible Hour