Divided They Fell
John Berkstresser   -  

Your sin impacts others!  Throughout the history of Israel given to us in the Old Testament, God’s chosen people rebelled against His commandments.  God, in His mercy, allowed the nation to remain united as a family in spite of that rebellion; however, beginning in I Kings 11, we start to see this family falling apart.  In this Sunday School series, John Berkstresser covers the reigns of Solomon, Rehoboam, and Jeroboam to show how failing to follow God wholeheartedly will result in spiritual failure.

Lesson 1:  Solomon (I Kings 11:1-8)
From 10/3/21 Sunday School


Lesson 2:  Rehoboam – Part 1 (I Kings 14:21-24)
From 10/10/21 Sunday School