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Title Author Date Duration
Audio (PM) Absolute Certainties Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Aug 18, 2019 00:31:20 Dialup
Audio (SS) Introduction to the Book of Ruth Don Follet Aug 18, 2019 00:45:09 Dialup
Audio (SS) Powerless Sanctification Don Stevenson Aug 11, 2019 00:47:04 Dialup
Audio (PM) God's Love for the Church Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Aug 11, 2019 00:34:09 Dialup
Audio (AM) The Vastness and Value of Love Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Aug 11, 2019 00:28:53 Dialup
Audio (AM) What Is Love Committed To? Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Aug 4, 2019 00:32:53 Dialup
Audio (SS) The Other Side of the Cross Don Stevenson Aug 4, 2019 00:41:13 Dialup
Audio (PM) Praising the Lord No Matter What Todd Steele Aug 4, 2019 00:33:06 Dialup
Audio (SS) Stewarding the Gospel Pastor Lionel Grenade Jul 28, 2019 00:46:54 Dialup
Audio (PM) What Love Is Not Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Jul 28, 2019 00:30:48 Dialup
Audio (AM) Seven Final Statements Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Jul 28, 2019 00:29:56 Dialup
Audio (SS) Christian Liberty Glenn Moore Jul 21, 2019 00:46:11 Dialup
Audio (AM) When Things Do Not Turn Out Right Pastor Lionel Grenade Jul 21, 2019 00:32:55 Dialup
Audio (PM) Living Stones Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Jul 21, 2019 00:25:31 Dialup
Audio (SS) The Epitome of the Christian Life Don Stevenson Jul 14, 2019 00:42:05 Dialup
Audio (AM) Footprints of Jesus Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Jul 14, 2019 00:36:31 Dialup
Audio (PM) The Wrong Side of Jordan Pastor Shannon Eaton Jul 14, 2019 00:40:54 Dialup
Audio (PM) When God Destroys a Nation Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Jul 7, 2019 00:30:57 Dialup
Audio (SS) Stewarding Our Testimony Pastor Lionel Grenade Jul 7, 2019 00:44:19 Dialup
Audio (AM) Blessed Is the Nation Whose God Is the Lord Pastor Bryan Kaffenbarger Jul 7, 2019 00:25:31 Dialup
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