Regency Baptist Church A Place for Hope in the Heart of the Metroplex


 What Does Regency Believe About Missions?

We believe that God is interested in our reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world and at home in Arlington, Texas.  The Bible teaches us in II Peter 3:9 that "God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance."  We believe that God is "missions-minded" and desires that all people would recognize and place their dependence upon His Son, Jesus Christ, as the Savior of their souls.  It is our responsibility to obey God's clear command from Scripture to witness to others of what Christ has done in saving us and how He can save them, to send out missionaries from our assembly to go to the far corners of the world, and to financially support missionaries sent by other churches of like faith and practice.


How Does Regency Promote Missions?

We currently support 32 missionary families with regular monthly support.  In addition, our people regularly give to missions through special offerings and gifts from the church to meet missionary needs and our weekly Globe Offering.  The Globe Offering is a unique love offering taken each Sunday night to provide an extra income and encouragement to our missionaries.  Usually, we dedicate three consecutive Globe Offerings to one of our missionary families.  We take a few minutes to read a recent prayer letter from one of our missionaries before taking the offering.  We believe this helps Regency keep missions as a regular focus in our church and helps us to rejoice with them over souls saved and to pray for needs that our missionaries have.


Our Missionaries Who Are Sharing God's Word with the World

Ed and Jan Alexander

Shawn Alexander Family

Kirk and Kathy Bogard

William Carruth Family
Preacher Training

Daniel Coates Family

Randall and Annette Dawson
Church Planting in Georgia

Jeremie Dodeler Family

James Downs Family

Debi Duryee
Deaf Ministries

Zach Gillit Family

Mark and Michelle Hale

Scott and Laurie Hall

Al and Elizabeth Hamilton

Jerry and Scharmel Johnson

Danny and Michelle Jones
Texas - Mexico Border

Tim and Elizabeth Knickerbocker

Vladimir Kruchynin Family

Sam and Penny-Sue Laterza

Johnny and Tori Leslie

Larry and Regina McKinney
Native Americans
Derrick Morlan Family
Wil and Trina Muldoon
Papua New Guinea

Dr. Michael Peck
Family & Church Growth

Leslie and Alba Priday

Solomon Saripalli

Phil and Debra Sawilowsky
Olive Tree Ministries International

Dr. Charles Shoemaker
Church Planting America

Bill and Sharon Smith

Jeremy Smith Family
Church Building Ministry

Elaine Willis